2. Cooking / Law

Cooking / Law

"Niimi Chiya Onsen, Ibuki no Sato"The passion of the restaurant menu

All rice is Niimi of "Demigod headwaters rice", Chiya Beef those that have been carefully selected from the Niimi the city

Pork Okayama Prefecture Peach Pork - chicken is Niimi of the "forest chicken"

Miso is made with Niimi"Special Miso" · Vegetables are preferably "local vegetables"

※May Heisei (time period), has been certified as Chiya Beef specified store than Chiya Beef Promoting Party

Reservation menu

Reservations are required for use.Date of use●Be sure to reserve by the day before.
  • Chiya Beef(Chiya Beef)story

    Japanese Wagyu roots, here it is!

    About the year 1850 AD, when a Black ship arrived.
    Ota Tatsugoro who was rich in steel making in Bitchu-koku Aga County Mitsumura (now, Niimi City Chiya) came.

    In the future, sand iron will also bottom out in the future.Fuel charcoal is also good.In this village where there are few cultivated land, there is no industries rooted in posterity ...
    OK! Let's keep the cows! Cows can keep themselves with grass.Feces becomes a mouth of a field.Good cows are traded at high prices.If you add more cows, the village will be moist.

    Tatsugoro purchased a good cow of Namba Chiyo Flat of the bamboo valley village of Niimi, brought him to Chiya, deposited her cow 's child in a farmer and increased cows.
    What was born thus is "Bamboo Tani Tsuruushi".That was the ancestor of Chiya Beef.

    Showa (time period) entering the Showa (time period) period, Mr. Habu Yoshitaka, the founder of the Wagyu Registration Association, investigated the Japanese roots of Japanese beef improvement, the oldest "Tsuru Beef (systematic cattle)" in Japan is located in Niimi City, Okayama prefecture I understood that it was done.

    The oldest Japanese Tsuru Ushi (Chiya Beef) in Japan is "The Best of Wagyu".
  • Chiya satisfaction kaiseki cuisine pack

    ≡ Enjoy rich nature and seasonal taste ≡

    "Chiya Beef sukiyaki" or "Chiya Beef yakiniku" + "Chiya Beef sushi rice cooker"
    "Hot Spring Bathing" + "Small Towel"
    "With 1 drink"

    One person 5,500 yen(tax included)

    * Free pick-up from 20 people
    * Choose Sukiyaki or Yakiniku in a unified way.
  • Kaito Kaiseki Cooking Pack

    ≡ Sticking to local production errands and Chiya Beef, real authentic cuisine ≡

    "Chiya Beef sukiyaki" or "Chiya Beef yakiniku"
    "Hot Spring Bathing" + "Small Towel"
    "With 1 drink"

    7,500 yen per person(tax included)

    * Free pick up from 15 people
    * Choose Sukiyaki or Yakiniku in a unified way.
  • Special Chiya Gyu-Kaiseki Meal pack

    ≡ You will be able to fully taste it with carefully selected special selection Chiya Beef loin shabu-shabu or steak (pottery grill) ≡

    "Chiya Beef shabu-shabu"or"Chiya Beef steak" + "1 drink attached"

    8,500 yen per person(tax included)

    * Free pick up from 15 people
  • Law

    With deep thoughts, memorable in gathering memorable ...
    The appearance of a past day, deep bonds, memorable memories which can not be forgotten · · ·.

    ■ Legendary party meal ■

    One person 5,500 yen(tax included)
    menu:Ahead, Appetizer, sashimi, pottery, Steamed food, Burning things, Fried food, Vinegared dish, Meal, Soup, fruit

    1 person 4,500 yen(tax included)
    ※In addition to the above course, we will respond according to the number of people and budget, so please feel free to contact us.

Various drinks

We are also very much appreciated for the use of meals only.
In addition, there are menus other than the above, so please contact us for details.
If you are coming by car, please do not offer alcoholic beverages to underage people.
  • Various drinks

    ◆Draft Beer(Medium mug)·· · ··550 yen
    ◆Bottled beer(Medium bin)·· · ··¥ 620
    ◆Highball(Medium mug)···500 yen
    ◆Sake(360 ml)·· · · · ··950 yen
    ◆Rice·wheat·Various kinds of sweet potato·· · ··2,700 yen to 5,200 yen
    ◆Kaga plum wine·······From 650 yen
    ◆Rice salty sake·······From 650 yen

    ◆non-alcoholic beer·····450 yen
    ◆Various soft drinks·· · ··250 yen
    ◆Coffee·Black tea·· · · · ··350 yen

We are accepting reservations for various banquets!

  • Neighborhood association, alumni association, old age association, ground golf, dinner of legal requirements etc.

    ※Depending on the season, the dish content and tableware may change.